Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sweet Sally's Pecan Bars & 15% Discount Code

I have cooked a great deal of goodies through the years.  We live in the  South and we do like our sweets.  Of course as we've grown older, we've had to moderate our intake of sweets a bit.  But there are some things just too good to give up if at all possible.

Sweet Sally's Pecan Bars arrived on my doorstep today for us to sample and give you an idea of what we think.  Well, I'll just say that, "Sally has outdone herself on this one!"  First let's look at the packaging.  When the package arrived, it was very nicely packed in a box with lots of "peanut" cushioning to keep the goodies and beautiful package in fine shape.  Then when I got down to the actual box, it was beautifully tied with a festive red ribbon.  So nice for gifting!

Then I opened the box and inside is red tissue to protect the scrumptious bars.  Now let's talk about the pecan bars......
  • First of all you  MUST start with quality pecans.  Pecans are pretty "southern" so I know good pecans when I see and taste them.  These bars are loaded with really good pecans!
  • The pecans are topping a delicious caramel/brown sugar/praline filling that is out of this world.
  • The bottom layer is a "cookie/shortbread" type of crust.  Just sweet and buttery enough.  
Now, did I say these were GOOD?? Well, I'll say it now.  These ARE GOOD!  There are 6 large bars in the box.  I would carefully cut each of these in half or thirds to serve.  They are rich. Can't you just taste them right now?
"Sweet Sally’s products are made from scratch the way Mom and Grama baked on the farm  . . . with love, wholesome ingredients and never any preservatives. "----- Sweet Sally's website
Sally's products are certified Kosher!
No transfats!  You can even find goodies that are gluten free!

Sally is offering a discount code if you would like to purchase some for gifts or to simply enjoy for your own family.  Her turn-around-time is really good for getting those orders out.  I would suggest that college kid, that distant friend or relative, or corporate connection would be prime to receive something from Sweet Sally and it would really make your shopping easy.

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