Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Red

The decorations of Christmas are simply beautiful - though extravagant and often times simply commercially driven.  They do brighten the days and nights during these cold, darker days of the year.  However, I like to remember what of some of these beautiful decorations bring to mind for me.

When I see red in the decorations, I remember that the Christ was born as a babe to ultimately shed his precious blood for sinful man on the cross of Calvary.

When I see gold in the decorations - gold bells, gold spheres, gold glitter - I remember the kingly aspects of Christ and that He lowered Himself to become that babe in the manger setting aside His kingly crown and deity to redeem us.

When I see the green, I remember that we have the opportunity to live forever with Christ the King of Kings, Christ the Redeemer.

What will you be thinking of this Christmas as you see the decorations?  What will you think when you see packages for yourself and for others?  What think ye of the Christ of Christmas?

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