Saturday, October 13, 2012

Would You Read Me To Sleep? by George E. Edenfield

The art work of Would You Read Me To Sleep?  is beautiful on most of the pages.  There were a couple that were not up to the quality that initial pages presented.  The precept of the story is that of a small girl asking her father to "read me to sleep."  Father and daughter have spent time together, but bedtime beckons.

And she wants her father to read her to sleep.  As a parent, I found that reading to my children at bedtime was always a pleasant affair - good for them and good for me.  Yes, there were occasions when I was very weary and it seemed a "task" instead of a joy.  But I don't regret one minute of reading to my children.

So the premise of the book is sound and the art work is good (excellent, in fact) but the book is lacking.  What is lacking is an engaging story for the young child or a shorter version of this wordy story.  I applaud George E. Edenfield for wanting to get the message out that fathers need to snuggle with their children and read them to sleep.  Father and daughter (or child) time is truly an enchanting time that is well spent.  And the lasting effects of this time well spent is immeasurable.

Mr. Edenfield uses the story time to teach the lesson of eternal life with the God of the universe the Creator our Savior.  That is a lesson every father needs to instill in his child.  And Mr. Edenfield ends his story with the statement "'The Great Treasure of Golden Destiny' which is the greatest treasure of all.... " which I find confusing in the context of this child's storybook.

This book is not one that will be well received by children because it is too wordy and the story line gets muddled.  I appreciate the author's desire to present God's gift of eternal life as the goal of his story, but somehow the book just doesn't quite fit what you would want to use to read to a child and teach a child.

The author has asked in the book, "Can you find all of The Golden Keys?" which I found confusing.  I did not see illustrations of golden keys nor "key" phrases that were indicative of some supposed merit.  I would recommend that the author address this issue in future publications.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a copy of Would You Read Me To Sleep" by BookCrash on behalf of the author for the purpose of rendering my honest opinion in a review.  All comments are my own.

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