Thursday, October 4, 2012

Night Flight by Diane & David Munson

Diane and David Munson draw from their exciting careers as agents for the US government - David with NCIS and DEA and Diane as an attorney and Federal prosecutor and serving in the US Department of Justice - to write fractional fiction that you wouldn't be embarrassed to hand to your mother or grandmother to read.  Clean. Well written.  And no bad language or behavior that cause shame to the cause of Christ.  But their books are not preaching episodes.

They have written Night Flight for the middle-reader market and it involves the same family as  their previous adult novels.  The teen and pre-teen, Glenna and Gregg are our main characters.  They are homeschooled by their mother and their father keeps "working for the company" which is nondescript term for the CIA or spying.  The kids have been wanting a dog and dad finds them one that is being retired from "service."  Blaze seems to forget that he is no longer in "service" and sniffs out some tainted money.  This results in Glenna and Gregg being at risk until the trial is over and the culprits are behind bars.  Therefore, Mom and Dad take them to Florida for an extended visit with the grandparents.  Their neighbor and friend, Mason, who is near their age goes with them.

While there, Blaze again "sniffs" the bad stuff out and we see Gramps, Glenna, Gregg, and Mason embroiled in another rollercoaster of a ride.  They want the bad guys caught. They want the reward, too.  Because something has come up and they really need it and want to have some big bucks to help someone. 

Kids in fourth grade up will enjoy this book.  The characters are realistic as well as their conversations.  Kids like a good spy story or a good catch-the-bad-guys story. In Night Flight they will find a tale to enjoy.

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DISCLOSURE: I "won" Night Flight" in a contest on and was not under obligation to write a review.  It was a pleasure to read another of the Munson's books and write a review of it.

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