Monday, August 13, 2012

"My Pop-Up Bible Stories" by Juliet David & Illustrated by Daniel Haworth

By now, most of my readers realize that I really love to get my hands on good children's books.  We as adults have a tremendous responsibility to implant in their innocent minds God's truth and a love for His Word and His world.  We are also responsible to be sure that they learn about good things, beautiful things, lovely things and are taught gentleness, kindness, and generosity.

Well, My Pop-Up Bible Stories certainly won't do all of these things because it takes more than one piece to complete the puzzle of learning.  But this is a beautiful piece; and it will certainly be considered a border piece because in its lovely, gentle way, it presents part of the binding that is the stuff of life.  It presents Bible stories to the young age 3 to 5 child in a way they can understand and in an ingenious method - pop-up pictures - that will captivate them.

Five stories from the Old and New Testaments include: Daniel, Baby Moses, Lost Sheep, Jairus's Daughter, and Stilling the Storm.  Baby Moses gently floats, Jairus's daughter is raised, and Jesus stills the storm.  Pop-up paper art created by Linda Birkinshaw brings to life the illustrations by Daniel Haworth.  The stories beautifully told by Juliet David mesh wonderfully with the art.  Children will be enthralled by this book and you and your child will surely cherish it.  Their little hands will clutch it tightly to their heart because they love it.  And you will be thankful it is in your home for them to learn from and to grasp a beginning knowledge of God's Word.

DISCLOSURE:  I was provided a complimentary copy for the purpose of rendering my honest review by Kregel Publishing on behalf of Candle Books (imprint of Lion Hudson).

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