Friday, July 20, 2012

"The Cycling Wangdoos" Written and Illustrated by Kelly Pulley

I have a son who is a cyclist and has been for many, many years.  He even participated in the 100 mile race to the summit of the tallest mountain in North Carolina - Mt. Mitchell.  I also have a daughter who loves to swim, run, and cycle (a tri-athlete).  Well, this book is about cycling and a family that cycles.

ISBN: 978-0-9820812-1--1 $16.95
Kelly Pulley has written a rhyming story about teamwork and pulling together illustrating it vividly with pictures of the family/team that are so funny and that completely express what the characters are experiencing and who they are.  Basically speaking, the storyline tells that if  one member of the team quits working as a member of the team, it affects the attitude of each of the other team members until finally the team fails and they all suffer the consequences.Ykes!  In the case of cycling, the consequences can be rough!

The rhyming cadence is very good but seems to miss a beat here and there.  Still very good.  I absolutely love picture books with a storyline that has rhyme and reason and rhythm to it (not really the 3'rs but a good 3'rs).  Kids will totally see the value of teamwork after reading this.

A very good read-aloud book for children ages 3 to 10.  But kids ages 7 to 10 will enjoy reading it aloud themselves.  I can see kids of this age really enjoying it, BUT for kids from a family of cyclists, I think the interest would be tremendous.

The Cycling Wangdoos by Kelly Pulley was donated to the school library by Gauthier Publications on behalf of and the author Kelly Pulley.  Much appreciation to them for this kind donation.

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