Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Out of the Nursery" Written & Illustrated by Elizabeth Gauthier

Frog Legs Ink an imprint of Gauthier Publications donated Out of the Nursery to the school library...

ISBN:  978-0-9820812-0-4
Ever heard a spin on Mother Goose or other nursery rhymes?  Well, that is just what "Out of the Nursery" is.  This looks like a young child's picture book, but when you look into it and begin reading, there are satirical takes or spins on old stories and rhymes.  The book is creatively illustrated inside using totally black background and white lines.  The medium of creation to design these pages is "scratch board."  Rather unique for a child's book, but definitely appealing because this is a medium that children learn to use in school for their own artistic endeavors. 

The cover is a beautiful water color that captures the essence of the book. Have your children match up each image on the cover with the page it relates to in the book.

Now what's inside?  As you read the following, keep in mind "Hickory, Dickory, Dock, the mouse ran up the clock."

Tic tock ...tick tock,
What's wrong with the clock?
I saw the mouse run inside,
From the cat he tried to hide.
He went in at precisely one,
Just as the chiming had begun.
Now the ringing just won't stop.
I think the mouse is stuck up top.
Tick tock ... tick tock,
Can't someone fix the clock?

While the book is to be read to the young child who will enjoy the words that tell each story in rhyme and the delightful pictures, I think middle school students through adults can enjoy it, too.  I envision the older audience really picking through these rhymes to compare and understand their significance.  That is, if the author intended anything other than pure enjoyment.

Last word. . . . Hilarious text to tickle you and original and very creative art to illustrate.
DISCLOSURE:  Out of the Nursery by Elizabeth Gauthier was donated to the school library by Gauthier Publications on behalf of and the author Elizabeth Gauthier.  Much appreciation to them for this kind donation.  Opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

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