Sunday, March 11, 2012

"World of Science" by Master Books

I believe this book would be categorized as "General Science" with an intended audience of elementary students and on into middle school.  It is designed for use within the home school setting.  However, I believe it would be useful in the home library and utilized by the entire family - from elementary age children through the adults in the home. The typeface is in large format which seems to indicate its being directed toward the younger child.

Pictures and illustrations are very nice and again seem directed toward the young student.  Take a look inside:

The Biblical world view is established early in "The World of Science."  God the Creator is honored in this book as the giver of origins.  The following sections are covered:
  1. Matter and Chemicals
  2. Energy, Motion, and Machines
  3. Electricity and Magnetism
  4. Light and Sound
  5. Earth and Life
  6. Space and Time
  7. Science Experiments
 "The World of Science"......
  • There are over 800 illustrations and photographs.
  • Over 60 science experiments are presented in section 7.
  • "The World of Science"  is ideal for home reference and school project work.
Famous scientists who were involved or instrumental in the discovery or development of a particular scientific field or area are featured in related sections.  Though some of the scientists did not nor do profess faith in God, their work scientifically is still recognized.

This book would have been a welcomed addition to our home library when I was raising my five children.  I see it as an enjoyable tool for learning for children and one that they will reference on a frequent basis.  I see it, too, as one of those books that will intrigue and draw a child to spend their idle moments perusing.

I do not see this as a text book but as a supplemental volume that provides enjoyable entrance into the realm of the scientific for the young child.  I recommend this book for the home, school, or church library.

I was provided a complimentary copy of The World of Science by Master Books and New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.  Opinions expressed are my own.

ISBN:  9780890516188  PUBLISHER: Master Books, A division of New Leaf Publishing Group

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