Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Bombus Finds a Friend" by Elsie Larson: Children's Book Review

Bombus, a bumble bee, teaches children the importance of being honest and to help and respect friends.

Sometimes just finding a friend can be a very painful experience for a child.  Bombus Finds a Friend helps children to understand that seeking friends and the way to have a friend is not so hard after all.

This engaging and beautifully illustrated tale for children will be enjoyed by the child and also by those who read to the children because we all need friends and we need to learn the lessons taught in this beautiful book.

Bombus is a chubby bumble bee (as we know, bumble bees are round and chubby) and his flight to find a friend teaches him, as well as those reading the book, how important it is to be honest, to respect one's friends, and to also be truthful in one's relationships.

Parents or teacher will find the activity guide and science facts wonderful tools to assist in instructing (in a gentle and fun way) the child.  I found it great that the author inserted the entomological name for each of the insect/characters as Bombus meets them.  For example: 
"Can't you see this is a Philaenus Spumarius*(phil-a'-nus spu-mar'-e-us) village?"  Out of a nest of foamy bubbles popped the worried face of a small green bug." 
(Below the paragraph was more information what stated: *from scientific name for spittle bugs - Order Homoptera.  Family Cercopidae, Genus Philaenus, species spumarius.)
The creator of Bombus also has book 1 (this is book 2) and there is also a Bombus Creativity Book with 40 pages of creative activities to enhance the storybooks.

I recommend these books to the home school parent, for schools, or simply for any parent that wants to find a really good book to read to their child.  Recommended for ages 6-10.
ISBN-13: 9780890512319  Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group, Master Books

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group, Master Books,  in order to provide a review.  I was not required to submit a positive review.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation I am always looking for new books that have a lesson involved, for my youngest two children I will have to add this to their library :)

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