Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bombus: Created Just Like You and Me! by Elsie Larson: Book Review

"Created Just Like You and Me!" is the first book about Bombus the Bumblebee.  Beautifully illustrated by David Haidle and Elizabeth Haidle, the little book brings you into the "mind" of a humble bumblebee and you get to learn a lot while you're there.

It begins with God's creation and there is "Bombus."  Created by God.  But Bombus has a problem with himself and his "peers."  He is made fun of because of his bumbling way of flying.  He is "told" by the honeybees that he really isn't flying and that he can't fly.  Well, at that point Bombus flat-out stops flying.

Now how Bombus actually gets his wings going again and gets back into the air is a delight for the reader.  Along the way as you're reading about Bombus, you'll learn more about bumblebees. 
Did you realize that Bombus is the scientific name for the bumblebee?
I recommend the book for young readers of all ages and their leaders.  This is a good "peer" influence lesson, Bible lesson, and scientific lesson all in one beautiful book.

I was provided a complimentary copy of Bombus: Created Just Like You and Me! by Master Books-New Leaf Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

ISBN: 0-89051-177-2

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