Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pennies make dimes, and dimes make dollars

There was a recent article online about concern by health professionals that as the economy worsens, the people in the US will grow fatter. The concern is that those who have been trying to eat healthy with whole grains and lots of fruits and veggies will not be able to continue to afford them and will opt for foods with lots of carbs and empty calories. I can see this happening. However, I can also see that those who are health conscious will still find ways to serve nutritious meals without lots of the stuff that is harmful to our bodies. Processed foods are oft times more expensive than those you normally cook from scratch yourself. However, if coupons are continue to be available and if stores continue to have coupon doubling and special sales that can be matched with coupons, some processed foods will be virtually free. For example: Hamburger Helper.

However, some shoppers will surely still choose to maintain as healthy a food plan for themselves and their families as possible. How they will do this frugally will be a challenge unless, of course, they have the opportunity to grow some of their own food or have access to reasonably priced fresh produce, etc. During WWII (no I don't remember all this first hand 'cause I was too young), even people who lived with tiny patches of yards managed to grow a "Victory Garden." So you may need to plant cabbages and tomatoes, etc., between the bushes in front of your house and in other little spots of dirt you have. Each plant you can harvest is something you don't have to pay full price for, and it is good for you. Do I know how to do this? No, and it's a bit late in life to learn and be able to do, but it is a possibility for most people.

So formulate for yourself a plan to further your methods of frugal living and saving pennies.

Pennies make dimes, and dimes make dollars, and dollars put food on the table and pay the electric bill.

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