Monday, January 5, 2009

Ladies Skin in Winter

We are in Winter. Clearly, January is Winter! And when you are somewhat in the Winter of your life, then you had better take heed to what you do to your skin. When you're young, you can ride the crest of the wave and ignore it somewhat as I, out of necessity, did. However, you would do well to heed the advice of dermatologists and cosmetologists and apply a bit of cream and ultraviolet blocking screener.

I have found that ANY cream at ANY price is better than NO cream! So ladies, take heed and get some cream on your face, your hands, your neck, your legs, your feet. You will be glad you did for not only will they look better now and in the FUTURE, but they will most certainly feel better right now and in the future.

You can purchase a pretty good line of creams and skin care items from Yves Rocher online. I have used them for several years. I love Lancome products and use them whenever I can. I particularly like a Lancome creamy lotion (it is white) to cleanse the face and also a Lancome hydrating toner (it is pink). These are wonderful, but they are pricey. I do use Lancome foundation regularly, and it has a good sun screen in it. I always purchase my Lancome items when they offer their "gift" packages. You get wonderful freebies this way.

The Yves Rocher line is a good one to watch as they have really tremendous sales where the items are half price. They also offer some free item/s whenever you make a purchase.

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