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LOVE'S PROMISE (Wyoming Sunrise Series #4) by Penny Zeller [Review]

My thoughts:  
Penny Zeller's "Wyoming Sunrise Series" concludes with book four, Love's Promise, and it is a top notch wrap up of the entire series. In this story we meet a redeemed young man whose grandmother had adopted and raised. She prayed fervently for him through his turbulent childhood and young life when he went astray.

As the story opens in Love's Promise, we meet Silas who is now a rancher and who has lovingly attached himself to an older couple providing help as needed and finding much love in return. Soon their needs bring their granddaughter, Amaya, to assist.

As the story develops, Silas' past catches up with him and brings trouble to the community. 

Thrown into this mix, Silas discovers three young children living on their own with no one accountable for them. He solicits the community's assistance in caring for the children until a permanent solution can be found.

As the author fleshes out the characters, she weaves an especially endearing story. Not just sweet living but with adventure and danger compounding the action.

I highly recommend this entire series; but if you can only read one, then Love's Promise is the winner.

Books 1-3 in Wyoming Sunrise Series

About the book: Can one man's love win a fragile woman's heart?

After Amaya Alvarado lost her fiancĂ© to a senseless tragedy, she vows never to love again. Two years later, at her grandmother’s request, she travels to Poplar Springs to assist with the mercantile and help care for her ailing grandfather. During a stagecoach accident and a confrontation with nefarious outlaws, she crosses paths with a man named Silas McFadden who rescues her and the other passengers. A bond between them soon forms.

Silas is not the man he once was. After a stint on the wrong side of the law, he’s now a respectable rancher in Poplar Springs, Wyoming. After becoming a man of faith, he determines to live his life for the One who gave him a second chance. He just never imagined that second chance might include Amaya. Now all he has to do is ensure his past doesn’t return and destroy his and Amaya’s fragile relationship.

Amaya’s and Silas’s friendship soon grows, and she begins to trust him with everything but her heart. Can she push her growing feelings for him aside? After all, isn’t it betraying her fiancĂ© to care for another man the way she has grown to care for Silas?

When the past comes back to haunt him and revenge is sought, can Silas protect the woman he has come to love?

Take a return trip to Poplar Springs, Wyoming, for Silas and Amaya's story. A surprise reunion brings all of your favorite Wyoming Sunrise characters together in the final installment of this well-loved series.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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