Sunday, October 1, 2023

Love You Snow Much by Melinda Lee Rathjen (Winter & Christmas board book from Worthy Kids)

My thoughts: Worthy Kids does such a grand job in publishing children's books that are absolutely delightful. Children and parents all enjoy them so much. As a grandmother I have come to trust them.

LOVE YOU SNOW MUCH by Melinda Lee Rathjen is so cheerful and uplifting. Delightful snowmen and critters, bright colorful illustrations by Megan Higgins, and sweet rhyming text that expounds the love of parent snowman for child snowman place this sweet board book in the group of must haves for children.

Puns, plays on words, rhymes. Bright colors. Cheerful characters and critters. So much to enjoy! Love it.

About the book: Share the warm thoughts you have for your cool little one with this wintry ode to a child.

In this punny, snowy love letter to a snow-child, a snow-person lists all of the ways a little snow-child is special, with humor and warm sentiments to freeze smiles in place and melt hearts. Playful verse and cozy illustrations will keep kids cuddled up all the way through the sweet, reassuring conclusion.

Disclosure: I received a copy via the Early Reviewers Program monthly contest on

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