Thursday, September 28, 2023

Come soar with me and help women find hope and healing - Mary Kay products provide opportunities

A famous person once said, "I have a dream" and this dream drove their passion for change.  I am certainly not famous, nor a "dreamer," but I DO have a passion!  Coming from a background of helping and caring for the those in need I am more aware than ever of the urgency to help women find hope and healing.  Often, they lack confidence. Sometimes they just need a friend to walk beside them.

Mary Kay Ash took her passion for seeing women succeed in what they set their mind to - took God as her business partner and launched a company that 60 years later still puts God first, family second and career third. 

This company gives me the outlet to pursue my passion of helping women be confident in who God made them to be. Whether they are domestic abuse victims, moms struggling with loneliness, women needing a few extra dollars , or just someone needing to be told they are beautiful Mary Kay gives me the perfect platform to fulfill my passion!

Could you make a difference in someone's life where YOU have influence? Come join me!  Together, whether buying skincare and color for yourself or someone you know, you are making a difference. 

—Princess Smith,
Sr. Independent Beauty Consultant

Facebook VIP group:   Princess' Joyful Girls  (for those who do not have a MK gal!)  Request to join.

Mary Kay donates from every product sold toward domestic violence shelters as well as research for cancers affecting women. 

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