Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Little kiddie sports books: [Review & 3 winner Giveaway USA]

Karate Kids  by Holly Sterling

Gi? Ready! Belt? Ready! Let’s go! It’s karate time. HAI-YAH!

Join Maya and all her friends as they get together at the dojo for their Saturday karate class! There are moves to remember, blocks to practice, and punches to perfect. Maya is a white belt, which means she’s still a beginner, but with focus, balance, and determination — and a little help from her friends — can she show Sensei what she’s got? Written and illustrated by Holly Sterling, a karate champion and teacher, this is a joyful and uplifting celebration of the sport and a must-have primer for any child hoping to be a karate kid one day.

My thoughts: I never took my children to any form of martial arts class but can see the value of this skill. I love for children to be active, balanced, and poised. This would help provide opportunity for these to develop. With well written storyline and cute illustrations, the book will provide a fun read and show some of the moves in Karate. The illustrations are cute and joyful. I recommend.

Ballet Kids  by Holly Sterling

In a gentle introduction to ballet, a little boy and his friends gather for their dance class to learn some moves—and get excited about their debut performance.

Stretchy leggings on? Ballet shoes in the bag? Let’s go! Join Thomas and his fellow dancers as they’re welcomed into the studio for their Saturday ballet class. There are feet positions to perfect and steps to learn—first position, plie, up on your toes, relevĂ©—and turns and jumps, too. Everyone is getting ready for their first performance, The Nutcracker—and now it’s time to pick out costumes!This warm celebration of dancing, a companion to Holly Sterling’s Karate Kids, is inspired by the author’s time learning ballet as a young child. It’s sure to be a hit with little ones taking a class, free-form dancers at home, and those who are hoping to be a ballet kid one day, too.

My thoughts: This is a cute book; and I appreciate the way the various ballet positions are demonstrated and the fun and joy of class time. I felt that the boy's donning the glittery tutu was a bit much and presents an opportunity for gender confusion. So this is a 1-star rating for me and I do not recommend. 

Saturday is Swimming Day by Hyewon Yum

New things can be scary — but as one endearing little girl discovers, it’s perfectly fine to take your time.

Swimming lessons are on Saturdays, and every Saturday one little girl has a stomachache. When she gets to the pool it’s loud, the floor is wet and slippery, and her swim cap is too tight. Her swimming instructor, Mary, says it’s OK to sit by the edge if she doesn’t want to get in the water this week. The next Saturday the girl has a stomachache again, but with Mary’s gentle encouragement, she eventually manages to make it into the pool to practice her kicks. Little by little, the girl’s confidence grows — until one Saturday comes around when she has no stomachache at all! In a charming and relatable story about trying something new, author-illustrator Hyewon Yum shows that sometimes a little bravery and a lot of patience are all you need to face your fear.

My thoughts: Having taken my five children to many swimming lessons when they were small, I can completely relate to this story. This little girl has a tummy ache simply because she is fearful of getting in the pool. Her mother and then her swimming instructor gives her time to adjust and gradually immerse herself into the joy of swimming. A sweet, well thought out story. I recommend.

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  1. I think that all young children should have swim lessons and learn to swim. It is a lifelong sport. The main reason young children should learn to swim is for safety reasons. If they fall in a pool or body of water, they should be able to swim to the edge at the very least. If they choose to join a swim team later on, that is great. As a minimum, children should learn to swim and be "water proofed".

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  2. Great niece (6) has done so much in her short life. She has taken swimming lessons 2 years, took gymnastics a couple of years and has taken dance classes for last 2 years. Her grandmother pays for most of them.

  3. I think ice-skating , roller skating, swimming,diving, ballet, horseback riding and gymnastics are the sports for children.

  4. Children should try out for any sport that interest them within reason.

  5. My young nephew enjoys all organized sports, baseball, soccer etc. He also takes swimming lessons, which is important if you have a pool. twinkle at optonline dot net

  6. Chess club, softball/baseball, rollerskating, hiking.

  7. I think any organized sport is great for kids to be involved in. Swimming and dance are probably my faves.


  8. I think kids should only participate in activities if they are comfortable with it. I wouldn't force anything unless they show an interest.

  9. Karate & swimming. I feel like they are the most important ones.


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