Sunday, April 9, 2023

NIrV, The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids from Zondervan (New International Readers' Version - NIrV)

NOTE: This is a full-text Bible, NOT a Bible storybook.

NIrV, The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids is a brand-new kind of Bible that allows kids ages 4–8 to read the full Bible without chapter and verse numbers and footnotes—study aids that are helpful for adults but can be very distracting for kids. This Bible presents the story of God’s people in a single column format with an extremely readable font.

With nearly every turn of the page, children will encounter full-color illustrations and kid-friendly maps that illuminate the Bible story. For children who want to read on their own or with an adult nearby, this is the perfect first full-text Bible for kids who appreciate the power of story and of God’s Word.

Features of the NIrV, The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids include:

  • Bonus full-color double-sided poster
  • Over 750 full-color illustrations throughout
  • Full-color, child-friendly maps
  • Single-column text
  • Easy-to-read Comfort Print® font
  • The complete text of the New International Readers’ Version (NIrV) of the Bible, created at a third-grade reading level just for developing readers
  • Vibrant and engaging cover

My thoughts: I really like the idea of not cluttering the pages of a children's Bible with study guides, foot notes, and other reference materials. I like the idea of lots of colorful maps and pictures (pictorial maps) that engage the child's imagination and link text to images. So this is a winner.

I thought the text could be a bit larger and more user friendly. Youngsters books usually have larger fonts. It doesn't seem to be necessary because of eyesight, but something about actual readability. However, the book is pretty thick a it is with current font so a larger font would mean more pages and thicker, heavier book. 

I'm a King James Bible lover so not real fond of newer versions. I accept the reality that the NIV is more widely accepted, and I know God's Word will prevail and He will use it as He chooses. So if this NIRV gets the Word into the hearts of children, I'm for it. I think that they will lovingly use this attractive Bible and parents can guide their children's reading and studying with it.

A perfect gift to buy & give to a child you love.

Purchase a copy @ Zondervan: 

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Zondervan to facilitate an honest review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given. I was not compensated for this review.

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