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"The Very Bad Day" & "Everywhere With You" demonstrate overcoming obstacles and bad day happenings [Review & Giveaway USA/CANADA]

Everywhere with You  by Carlie Sorosiak & illustrated by Devon Holzwarth

Ages 3 - 8 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9781536214970

My thoughts: 
This is a sweet "girl meets dog, girl and dog love each other" story; but if you want to dig deeper into the story's meaning, you'll see a lonely little girl (she is old enough to read) and a lonely dog. Separated by an impenetrable fence, they bond by the little girl reading nightly while seated by her side of the fence whilst the dog listens on his side.

Adults can envision neglect or abusive  loneliness of both dog and child. And one can wonder what a young girl is doing reading outside at night when it is dark by a fence.  But I prefer not to wonder at their loneliness or possible abuse - this IS a children's book. I'll just delve on the story and illustrations.

We have a little girl that reads to a dog and they venture far and wide in their imaginary world of Everywhere With You and I shan't tell how it ends.

The book has sweet illustrations that flow vividly across the pages and a nicely written prose story. I think children will enjoy this story.

About the book: The heartwarming friendship between a girl and the dog next door tenderly evokes the power of stories to bring—and keep—us together.

Two houses stand side by side: one is home to a dog, the other to a young girl. Though a fence divides them, girl and dog build a sweet and sturdy friendship rooted in make-believe . . . and are lonely no more. Paired with moving illustrations and based on a true story, this endearing tale from the author of I, Cosmo testifies to the transformative power of creativity and inter-species friendship.

Author info: Carlie Sorosiak is the author of several books for young readers, including I, Cosmo—an acclaimed middle-grade novel told from the point of view of a golden retriever—Leonard (My Life as a Cat). She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Illustrator info: Devon Holzwarth is the author-illustrator of Found You and the illustrator of Papa, Daddy, and Riley by Seamus Kirst. She grew up in Panama with the jungle as her garden and parrots and iguanas as pets. She currently lives in Germany.

The Bad Day by Frann Preston-Gannon

Ages 2 - 7 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9781536223781

My thoughts: 
This is a delightful story. Each critter proclaims how his day is bad and is, in fact, worse that theirs. Told in delightfully rhyming lines with a nice cadence and illustrated in a cheerful woodland, the story will resonate with the young child.

Though the critters are each having a bad day they find they can pull together to help each other overcome their difficulties. A superb lesson in community helpfulness.

I highly recommend this delightful book.

About the book: Squirrel is left hanging when a search for a tasty nut goes wrong. Meanwhile, Bird has his beak buried in a tree trunk, Snake is tied in a knot, Tortoise is upside-down, and Fox? Well, Fox has a suspicious stomachache. These animals are all having a VERY BAD DAY!

But soon it becomes clear that little Mouse is having the worst day of all, and his friends can only help him—and one another—if they work together.

Author/Illustrator: Frann Preston-Gannon is an illustrator, designer, and award-winning author-illustrator. She is the author-illustrator of By the Light of the Moon and Dave’s Cave and the illustrator of Sing a Song of Seasons and Out of the Blue. She was the first UK recipient of a Sendak Fellowship and spent a month learning from renowned illustrator Maurice Sendak. Frann Preston-Gannon lives in London.

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