Monday, August 15, 2022

A Quilt for Christmas: A Christmas Novella by Melody Carlson

My thoughts:
There is so much packed in the 184 pages of this little Christmas novella. A lonely widowed lady, a precocious 4 year old, an artsy-trendy young divorcee, some other older ladies, a young musician, and a family with many needs.

What a hodge-podge of personalities and life events mixed and shaken together to bring some magic into the lives of those who need a spark of goodness to brighten their days.

I was bemused because the lonely widowed lady that got the story going is named "Vera." Whoa! Well this Vera that is reading the book has a good read ahead with "book-Vera" at the helm.

Little Fiona wins hearts of all as she joyfully weaves herself into the patchwork that is the makeup of individuals in the quilting group. She welds them together with her smiles and joy but she also has a knack for getting to the point of needs in their own lives that need to be stitched in a nicer way. 

Again the author, Melody Carlson, has neatly quilted together a story that is sure to bring joy to readers at Christmas.

About the book: Christmas should be celebrated with family. But for Vera Swanson, that's not an option this year. Widowed and recently relocated, she is lonely in her condo-for-one—until little Fiona Albright knocks on her door needing help. With her mother seriously ill and her father out of town, Fiona enlists Vera's help, and when she finds out her new neighbor is a quilter, she has a special request—a Christmas quilt for Mama.

Vera will have to get a ragtag group of women together in order to fulfill the request. Between free-spirited artist Tasha, chatty empty nester Beverly, retired therapist Eleanor, and herself, Vera has hopes that Christmas for the Albright family will be merry, after all and she may find herself a new family of friends along the way.

Bestselling and award-winning author Melody Carlson invites you to cuddle up this holiday season with this cozy story of giving, forgiving, and a little bit of romance.

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