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Midnight's Budding Morrow (Regency Wallflowers #2) by Carolyn Miller [Giveaway]

Bonus giveaway: I received an extra copy of Carolyn Miller's Midnight's Budding Morrow (Regency Wallflowers #2) and want to share it with one of my readers. So let's see who will win this good book.

My thoughts: 
I found this story particularly moving. To consider the plight of women historically and their lack of worth, being unappreciated, taken advantage of at many levels, deceived and managed is hard as a women in today's free world to comprehend.

Snubbed at a society event and then later visiting at a friend's home of obvious wealth, our heroine finds herself "contracted" to become manager of the home for her friend's elderly father. Things run smoothly in the home under Sarah's management and yet it seems that some of the servants are at odds and try to undermine her.

Of course, the story needs a male lead and there is one. He is a bit of a wastrel and his father has a plan to reign him in. That plan includes marriage to Sarah.

The story only gets more interesting and conflicted. 

I found this to be a rewarding read and highly recommend it.

About the book: Can real love grow between a wallflower and an unrepentant rogue?

Sarah Drayton is eager to spend time with her best friend at her crumbling Northumberland castle estate. Matrimony is the last thing on her mind and the last thing she expects to be faced with on a holiday. Yet she finds herself being inveigled into a marriage of convenience with her friend's rakish brother.

When James Langley returns to his family's estate, he can't be bothered to pay attention to his responsibilities as the heir. War is raging and he wants only distraction, not serious tethers. But his roguish ways have backed him into a corner, and he has little choice but to obey his father's stunning decree: marry before returning to war, or else. Suddenly he finds himself wedded to a clever and capable woman he does not love.

Sarah craves love and a place to belong, neither of which James offered before returning to the battlefront. Now everyone around her thinks she married above her station, and they have no intention of rewarding her for such impertinence. It isn't until her husband returns from war seemingly changed that she begins to hope they may find real happiness. But can she trust that this rake has truly reformed?

When tragedy strikes, this pair must learn to trust God and his plans. Will they be destroyed . . . or will they discover that even in the darkest depths of night, the morning still holds hope?

Click here to read an excerpt.

About the Series: While most stories set in Regency England focus on the rich, the young, and the beautiful, award-winning author Carolyn Miller decided she wanted to give readers something different for a change. Her new Regency Wallflowers series follows the commoners, away from the hustle and bustle of 1810s London, out in the Lake District of England. She tells the stories of women who are slightly older and have few prospects for marriage, women who might be considered “wallflowers.”

Midnight’s Budding Morrow is the second book in the Regency Wallflowers series. The first book in the series is Dusk’s Darkest Shores.

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