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Young Palmetto Books from University of South Carolina Press: Three Wild Pigs-A Carolina Folktale and Poppy's Pants

Poppy's Pants (Young Palmetto Books) by Melissa Conroy

My thoughts:  This is a cute story and nicely told. I love the theme of a child being given the task (so grown up) of repairing Poppy's pants. A grand opportunity for a child to learn to do a useful task and figure out the way to best accomplish that.

To me, though, the book speaks to understanding someone with a disadvantage. You see, Poppy can't discern colors and Penelope can use any color she wishes on his khaki pants.

The illustrations are "stuffed doll/critter" style which beautifully ties in with the theme of Penelope loving to sew.

I recommend this book.

About the book: Penelope's Poppy always wears khaki pants. When he finds a hole in one pair, he asks Penelope to patch it. Penelope likes to sew, but she soon realizes that mending the hole is more complicated than she first thought. Penelope struggles with the challenges and frustrations, but, with a little help from her mama, she finally—and creatively—repairs Poppy’s pants.

Poppy’s Pants is about perseverance and problem-solving. Through Penelope’s example youngsters discover the satisfaction of finding solutions on their own, even if the solution is not the way other people might solve it. Sometimes the best solutions come from being creative—using your head and your hands.

A postscript written by the author’s father, Pat Conroy, best-selling author of The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides, gives a personal, behind-the-scenes description of the book's characters and the author.

Three Wild Pigs: A Carolina Folktale by Lisa Anne Cullen  (Young Palmetto Books)

My thoughts: A retelling of the Three Little Pigs and while it reflects a bit on my part of the world - the Carolina Coast - I didn't care for it. The Carolinas have a giant size share of hurricanes so this story has the wolf as the personification of a hurricane. The pigs are shrimpers and have set out to sea. Of course, there is lots of huffing and puffing from Hurricane Wolf.

The illustrations are not particularly to my liking, but of course that is a personal preference. They are confusing and cluttered appearing.

While I don't care for it, the story is still basically a Three Little Pigs story and carries a goodly amount of charm.

About the book: Three Wild Pigs: A Carolina Folktale, written and illustrated by Lisa Anne Cullen, is an adaptation of James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps's The Story of the Three Little Pigs. Set on Bird Island along the Carolina Coast, this creative retelling of the timeless tale features three generations of a pig family--Lulu, her father, and her grandfather.On the island Lulu is known for being wise in the ways of the world. Pop is wise in the ways of the waters. Grandpaw Curly, the oldest and smartest pig of all, is wise in the ways of the winds. While shrimping in the Atlantic Ocean, the pigs experience harsh winds and see ominous clouds. Knowing these are warning signs of impending bad weather, they row home. Before long a whirling, swirling, huffing-and-puffing Hurricane Wolf arrives to wreak havoc on the pigs, their homes, and Bird Island. Cullen's colorful illustrations mirror the weather, flora, and fauna of the Carolina coast. Three Wild Pigs features maps of North and South Carolina as well as select state symbols and will educate, entertain, and enlighten early readers and listeners of all ages as Lulu, Pop, and Grandpaw Curly struggle to survive Hurricane Wolf.

DISCLOSURE: I received copies to facilitate a review. Opinions are mine, alone, and are freely given.

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