Monday, April 15, 2019

Mother's Day is coming! Grab a Good Earth Beauty gift box for Mother's Day & use Discount Code

Consider your mother - who she is - what she is - what she gave up for you - what she will always be to you.....

Once you've thought a bit about that lady who is your mother, stop and think a bit also about who you are to her - what you can do for her - what you will always mean to her.....

Now think a bit about bringing a bit of comfort and beauty into her life. Your smile. Your presence. Your gift of time. And while these are of paramount importance, you can also touch her  being with some comfort and beauty to ease her days.

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Perhaps a special body scrub or body wash with the delightful scent of almond and honey to treat her to a luxurious shower or bath. And then perhaps a nice toner and serum to help her care for the skin on her sweet face.

Doesn't Mom deserve a bit of lovely pampering? 

Mother's loving and capable hands that once held you have grown older, work-worn, weathered, wrinkled. Now she holds you with her heart.

The Good Earth Beauty Exclusives line of all natural products and the other all natural brands carried on the Good Earth Beauty web-store bring their customers a lovely box uniquely prepared each year for Mother's Day. There are full size products in the box as well as mini-sized products. 

The 2019 Mother's Day Beauty Box includes the following items:

  • Full sized Lipstick by Hemp organics, and samples/minis of :
    Full sized Lipstick by Hemp Organics
    Find it on GoodEarthBeauty
    Regular price $20.85
  • Pacha body scrub (I absolutely love this body scrub and so do my daughters!)
  • Pure Anada mini mascara 
  • Good Earth Beauty Almond perfume
  • Good Earth Beauty Aloe toner (I have a bottle of this and it is so pleasant to use on my face.)
  • Good Earth Beauty facial serum
  • Good Earth Beauty honey almond body wash 
  • Good Earth Beauty shower whip almond cream

I heartily recommend the Good Earth Beauty Exclusives brand products (I use their shampoo and conditioner regularly.) I have used and reviewed other Pure Anada products and love them, too. Good Earth Beauty is so good to work with and their products are #natural and many are vegan.

Help the kids gift Mom a special gift..... 

Now Dad, you need to think about helping those children find a worthy gift for Mom. You can help them order this gift box and take 10% off the price by using the discount code of Mom10 10% off all purchases thru May 14th. And as always on Good Earth Beauty your order SHIPS FREE in the USA

You can pull this one off for just $29.00 and that includes FREE SHIPPING. Well, don't forget you can use the discount code and get 10% off the $29. So you've whittled it down to just over $26.

The Almond sample/mini perfume is such fun to use!
It is unusual and so pleasant!

Of course, if you'd rather get individual items from anywhere on on the Good Earth Beauty web-store, you can still get FREE SHIPPING and use the Mom10 for 10% discount.

NOTE: Good Earth Beauty products are made in the USA in small batches. Shower whip and Pacha Scrub flavors are while supplies last and could be substituted. Also, this is a bargain! The sample sizes are usually priced around $4 each and the lipstick is $20.85.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary Mother's Day Beauty Box to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine, alone and are freely given.

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