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The Child Safeguarding Policy for Churches and Ministries by Boz Tchividjian & Shira M. Berkovits [Giveaway]

ISBN: 978-1945270055

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My thoughts on the subject: The days when no one worried about leaving their child - infant, toddler, preschooler - in a church nursery or taking their older children and leaving them in a Sunday School class are forever gone.

When my children were small, we didn't utilize the nursery but we kept our children with us in church - and they behaved. We did leave them in Sunday School classes and evening activities appropriate for their age. We trusted those with whom we entrusted our beloved children. That can not be taken today to be a certainty.

Churches must take action to be sure that the children in their ministry are safe from outside and inside hard. In Tchividjian's book the premise of how a church can safeguard the child and the church is presented. There must be an awareness and there must be an action plan in place and fully implemented.

Take a peek via the link below and be sure you enter the giveaway. Perhaps you can win a copy for your church to have as a guideline.

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About the book: Churches have always sought to be a safe haven for children and families, but many today are dealing with the tragic reality of child sexual abuse. For the first time in history, this issue is finally being acknowledged by churches and faith communities. But the task of developing a policy to keep children safe can seem too overwhelming it feels like an impossible task to plan for every contingency. This results in churches neglecting to put working safety plans in place, leaving themselves, and the children they care for, vulnerable. This handbook, authored and edited by a multidisciplinary team of child abuse experts, is designed to help churches and faith communities formulate policies and procedures to protect children and deal with possible child abuse in their ministries, school, and church. By walking through a wide range of scenarios, this book will assist churches and ministries to assess their current child abuse policies and guide them through each step they should take to address the safety of children under their care. Covering vitally important topics including the warning signs of abuse, how to respond to abuse allegations and care for victims, and the legal implications and requirements for churches and Christian ministries, working through this book will guide churches and Christian ministries in creating and implementing policies to protect children in a Christian environment from child abuse. This handbook is an invaluable resource for Christians who are seeking to educate themselves and others about child abuse and how they can best protect the little ones under their care.

About the Author: Basyle (Boz) Tchividjian is a former child-abuse prosecutor who currently teaches Child Abuse and the Law and several other courses at Liberty University School of Law. Professor Tchividjian is also the founder and executive director of GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment). The third eldest grandchild of Reverend Billy Graham, he wrote the book Invitation: Billy Graham and the Lives God Touched. Shira M. Berkovits is founder and CEO of Sacred Spaces, a cross-denominational initiative to create systemic solutions to abuse in communal institutions. In this capacity she has worked with faith communities around the world to develop policies and training to prevent and respond to institutional abuse. She is a psychologist and attorney, and has completed postdoctoral fellowships in child trauma and rehabilitative alternatives to incarceration. Prior to founding Sacred Spaces, Dr. Berkovits worked on issues of youth advocacy, child protection, and criminal justice reform.

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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of the book and agreed to share information about the book's importance which I am freely giving.

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  1. What a great initiative to protect kids from harm. Kudos to the authors and publishers.


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