Monday, November 28, 2016

Forgotten Bible Stories by Margaret McAllister & illustrated by Alida Massari

Grade Level: 2 - 4
Hardcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Lion Hudson
ISBN: 978-0745965208
My thoughts: This is a beautiful book by Margaret McAllister who seems to have a true story-teller gift as she verbally draws word pictures of the events of the often neglected people in the Bible. Having been a long time attendee to worship services with good, indepth preaching, I learned about many often overlooked Biblical people. But as time progresses, we do tend to forget. So this book is a treat because it is a reminder to those older (well, mature) readers as well as for youngsters who have not yet heard about Balaam, Mephibosheth, Naaman's Servant, and many more (even new to me).

Illustrated by Alida Massari whose books I have previously reviwed, Forgotten Bible Stories comes alive in gentle hues rich with reds and blues and designs particular to ancient times and the lands in which these stories took place.

I love the story of the "The Widow" whose cruse of oil kept filling the many large vessels or jugs. She had nothing but ended up with much. And then the story of the "Naboth's Vineyard" is wonderful because it teaches the greed consumes the greedy.

The stories encompass both the Old Testament and New Testament.
As with any retelling for children the wonderful truths from the Bible, care must always be taken to not embellish with additional people, words, or actions. I did feel license was taken in some, but essentially the book is a delight and a wonderful opportunity to share these stories with the young.

My rating: 5-stars for illustrations and writing; 2-stars because I think the stories incorporated people, words, and actions not Biblical.

About the book: An elegantly illustrated collection of 13 lesser-known Bible stories. Margaret McAllister imaginatively retells these tales of often-forgotten people, specially chosen for their care and compassion towards the vulnerable, and their (sometimes unexpected) strength of character.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Kregel and Lion Hudson Publishing to facilitate a review of my opinion which is freely given.

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