Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Primary Decision (The Worthington Destiny) by Dr. Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit

About the book: Sarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general--at least not this early in her career. Plunged into the vicious vetting process, with all sides digging for secrets in her family closet, she steels herself for the path forward. Nothing will deter her from making her mark on the world in the biggest way possible--even if that means prosecuting the current president of the United States.

Yet powerful forces conspire behind the scenes to take the Worthington family down, and the president orders her to close the investigation. Will she comply? Or turn the tables to pursue her ultimate dream--the US presidency?

My thoughts: This is obviously the third book in The Worthington Destiny series and to me it was also quite clear that reading the first two would have made getting into the story a bit better and easier. It took at least the first 50 pages for the direction of the story to become clear to me as allusions to previous events and personal issues kept popping up without clarity as to how they  fit into A Primary Decision.

The political and social circles in which the characters function are high flung and the circumstances mysterious and rife with secrets on many levels. Much time is spent circumventing the secret that is being kept from Sarah and frankly I couldn't understand why her not knowing was such a big issue.

The author, Dr Kevin Leman, has previously published  books on characteristics of birth order and how it effects development and character. This plays a part in the descriptive characterizations of Worthington sibilings as they aspire and achieve various successes in life.

The book is good, interesting, and pertinent as a work of fiction in today's post election atmosphere here in the USA or for reading at anytime about the lives and workings of the wealthy and political elite.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review of my honest opinions which are given without compensation.

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