Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I've tried the new Snuggles Fresh Spring Flowers fabric softener. Have you?

I've been a Snuggles fan for several decades. Yes, you read that correctly - decades! There are lots of fabric softeners on the market that offer varying degrees of softness for clothes and anti-static qualities as well. Some of them are pricey and premium products, others less so.

Snuggles is a premium product and at the top of my "go to" laundry products!

I remember one of my children telling me (when she was a high school student) that her friends commented on how good her clothes smelled. And it was so true. Our clothes smelled fresh and wonderful.

Snuggles is taking their product a step further with the launch of the new Fresh Spring Flowers. This is fragrance and freshness that lasts and lasts. Just like my memories of using Snuggles so many years last and last.

Another sweet memory from Snuggles is the terrific Snuggles Bear. Frankly, I've lost count of how many of the sweet Snuggles Bears I've gotten for my grand children. They loved them and it wouldn't surprise me if their mommies have tucked away those sweet bear memories (and the tired and worn bears) in a safe spot.

Snuggles is a great product and I am so happy to use it. I received a complimentary bottle of Fresh spring Flowers from Snuggles and am really enjoying it.

Now a little treat for those little ones in your home - a coloring sheet to download. Just CLICK HERE.

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