Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Athos Miracle Cream from Greece

When my package of Athos Miracle Cream arrived straight from Greece, I was so surprised. I really thought this would be sent from an online store that sells a plethora of products. The shipping package told differently, though. Straight from Greece. The language on the package was Greek. The stamps were Greek. Authentic!
Athos Miracle Cream is prepared by hand of natural Mediterranean ingredients.
This product is not your ordinary cosmetic cream. this product is produced with natural Mediterranean ingredients and by hand. When you first touch the cream to get to apply, you're surprised at its "tackiness." I'm supposing that is from the natural honey and beeswax. After smoothing it onto your skin, though, there is no "tackiness" or feeling of being sticky. Just soothing.

And the fragrance. Oh my! It is so natural and brings to the mind herbs and greens and florals from a country meadow. This product has Sage as an ingredient. Now the sage with which I am familiar is that of Thanksgiving turkey. But this sage is not the same fragrance. I don't know how to describe it other than, "Wonderful!"

I've smoothed it over my lower legs, my feet, my hands, my elbows. It feels so soothing. I can only imagine being in a home with little ones who have an insect bit and soothing that hurt with this cream. I know my feet and hands feel so nice when I use this.

Product Description (from Athos Miracle Cream source) 

Carefully made by hand using 100% Authentic Mediterranean Ingredients, Athos Miracle Cream is a precious skin care product that promotes the natural process of hydration, repair, and protection of irritated and sensitive skin.
The unique formula of Athos Miracle cream has been originally created by the Monks of Mount Athos, in the northern part of Greece (Europe). Based on their vast knowledge of natural remedies and the contribution of individual plants to healthy skin, our forbears have created a pure treasure for the skin using nature's wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration.
Today, being respectful of the rich history and eco-system of the region, we are using the same fresh ingredients our ancestors did, following their original instructions. Each ingredient is methodically introduced following a particular sequence, at a specific temperature, in order to safeguard its full potency. Every jar is hand-blended and hand filled. Due to this exacting preparation process, production is made in small batches.
Suitable for: Dry hands, feet, elbows, knees, cuticles, cracked and chapped skin, wounds, insect bites, scars, minor burns and sunburns, skin blisters, depilated and waxed skin, tattoo aftercare, relief from neurodermitis, pedicure massage. 
DISCLOSURE: I received this product from Athos to facilitate this review. No compensation was received. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

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