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Bugs: Big and Small God Made Them All by William Zinke at Master Books of New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780890518359 - Hardback - 80 Pages - New Leaf Publishing Group

Quick Overview - Insects are small signposts to God’s brilliant creativity. With their alluring beauty, incredible design features, and limitless variety, they are a living testament to an all-wise, wonderful Creator.

Children will see the world’s largest insects, insects designed with camouflage, the most beautiful insects, the weirdest insects, and more. What you will see, page after page, are these creatures
doing just what they were designed to do, and doing it well. God is amazing!

My thoughts: I am always so amazed at the beauty and quality of books produced by New Leaf Publishing Group and its imprint Master Books. When you factor this in with top notch scientific information and evidence and Biblical focus, you have an unsurpassable product.

What little boy, middle grade boy or even older doesn’t have an innate fascination for bugs and insects. I know my two sons would absolutely have loved this book when they were growing up. Well, even girls like bugs, too. Well, some girls. Now, about the book.....

The author William Zinke presents first of all the fact that "bugs are insects, BUT not all insects are bugs." And then he goes on to explain different categories of bugs.

  • Amazing Creepy Crawlers
  • Jumbo Giants
  • Weird & Wonderful
  • Bugs in Camo!
  • Bizarre and Beautiful
And there are lists of Words to Know.... Entomology, Exoskeleton, Decomposers, Mandibles, Metamorphosis, Thorax, Setae, etc. And he has also included some tear out cards that can be used as flash cards for quick recognition and learning names and facts.

The photographs are absolutely stunning. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say I loved the bugs and insects, because I have this phobia about all things creepy and crawly. But kids need to learn and this book sure gives them a wonderful peak into the world of entomology.

I just love the way Master Books focuses on God the Creator and how He created each of these bugs with a distinct purpose and how they are wonderfully designed for the job they do.

And even though bugs just simply aren't "my thing," I recognize that God has a purpose for them and His Word says that everything God created was beautiful in His sight.

I highly recommend this book for kids of all ages, libraries of all types, and folks of all kith and kin. 

Sneek a Peek Preview
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from Master Books A Division of New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed are solely my own. I received no compensation for this review. The pages from the book pictured in this review were scanned by me and the poor quality does not do justice to the great quality of the book.

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