Friday, May 23, 2014

If you were me and lived in... Australia: A Child's Introduction to Cultures around the World (Volume 8) by Carole P. Roman (Review & Giveaway)

  • ISBN-13: 978-1490522395
Former teacher, Carole P. Roman, writes children’s social study books that are an introduction to learning about other cultures. I am reviewing If You Were Me and Lived in Australia which has a little boy and girl showing the location of Australia on a globe. You learn first of all where Australia is located and that it is a continent all by itself.
Some of the basics of Roman’s culture books include names for Mommy and Daddy, types of food enjoyed in that culture, and activities – sports, etc. – they have. I found particularly interesting the page covering the Great Barrier Reef which is peculiar to the ocean around Australia.

Australia is English speaking but they pronounce their words differently from the English spoken in America. Roman provided a pronunciation guide in the back, with brief definition, of specific words.

To date, Carole P. Roman has written and printed the following If You Were Me and Lived in…… books: Mexico, France, South Korea, Norway, Turkey, Kenya, India, and Australia. Chat With Vera has reviewed most of these. I invite you to read my reviews and see if these might be good books to add to the library of that special child of yours. They are especially nice to have on hand in the homeschool library or school classroom library.

GIVEAWAY: Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. You may be blessed to be the winner of a copy of the book that Carole P.Roman is so generously providing. Begins May 23 & ENDS June 12  @ 12:01 a.m. EDT. Open to USA addresses only. 
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DISCLOSURE: The author provided a complimentary copy of If You Were Me and Lived In Australia in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own and I was not compensated for this review.


  1. Because of my line of work, I love exposing my children, and now my grandchildren to cultures in other countries. They would love this book.

  2. Mexico, France, Australia, India, South Korea, Kenya,Norway, Turkey. Wow!

  3. Living in Southern California I am pretty familiar with Hispanic culture. We also have many other ethnic groups in So Cal but I am not too familiar. I do find it interesting to learn about other cultures.

  4. These are the countries I found for the books sold through Amazon: India, France, Australia, Mexico, Norway, Kenya, Russia, South Korea, Turkey

  5. no not really just what kids study in school

  6. India France Australia Mexico Norway Kenya Russia South Korea Turkey

  7. Born in Bangladesh to Canadian parents, grew up on Long Island, NY (which is its own culture), married a South African and have lived in Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. I love having a diverse background and hope my daughter will have the same.

    1. Jane, that is a fantastic list of places. How rich your life is!

  8. I've been to maybe a dozen countries or so but my kids are still young. I'd love to get them started with books first and then we are looking to start traveling internationally with them this year since they are past the baby stage now!

  9. I love experiencing different cultures other than my own. I have visited overseas to Africa quite a few times and enjoyed my stay there as well. I have traveled to many communities even here and enjoyed mixing with the different regional groups!

  10. I really don't know lots about other cultures. Never traveled out of the states. One reason I love reading is so I can go all over the world in my mind!

  11. I really like this series! Thanks for sharing it at Booknificent Thursday!

  12. We're a mixed family. So I try to teach my daughter about both of her cultures (My euro-catholic side and her fathers southern asian- Buddhist side). Along with that I try to teach her as much as I know about other cultures and parts of the world.


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