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Torn Blood by David J. Bain (Review & Giveaway - USA & CANADA)

ISBN-13: 978-0988171008Paperback $17.99
Behind the Book
Since its founding on May 14, 1948, no country has proven more controversial than Israel as headlines, the world over, challenge its rights as a sovereign nation. Why does this tiny nation hold the world’s attention and compel governments around the globe to shun recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital?

In his debut novel, Torn Blood (Bo Iti Press, Fall 2013), author David J. Bain probes these questions in a story that asks if justice can prevail for a people maligned and persecuted over the ages because of their birthright.

The Plot
Three weeks before reporting for duty at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Addison Deverell arrives in Israel on a mission—to find the source of the conflict between Arabs and Jews. Bound to an escort by the embassy, he is unable to begin his search as time is running out. Mere days before he must report for duty, Addison is freed from his forced escort as another escort takes his place. Addison issues an ultimatum that, with or without help, he is going into Palestinian territory for answers he can’t find in Israel. As Addison races to uncover the truth that promises to establish a career, he faces danger from those he seeks to understand and finds himself a pawn in an international plot to drive Israel’s Jews into the sea.

Nearly seven thousand miles away in Oregon, Dr. Janelle Henning confronts a secret that threatens to destroy the only family she’s ever known. A search for understanding thrusts her into a world long buried to confront a birthright hidden by the passage of time. Brought together by events, Janelle and Addison discover hidden identities in a relationship they have shared for a lifetime.

Review:   David J. Bain's book, Torn Blood, is a fictional novel that demonstrates issues of a very real world! The author, David J. Bain, reminds the reader to remember that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. It is the rare extremists that are committed to carry the hatred of Israel's people from one generation to another. This hatred is expressed in extreme violence.

Torn Blood is about a story that takes place in the Middle East and portrays a 4000 year old battle between Israel and some of its surrounding nations. Most of the government agencies mentioned in the story are authentic and this fact helps to make the story believable to the reader. At first the story is a little hard to assimilate because each new chapter is about a different character and place in time. In addition, the use of broken English, used to portray characters trying to speak a second language, can be somewhat frustrating. However, it merits the effort of the reader to stay engaged. After the first several chapters, the story line starts to come together and connections between the characters and their lives are made. 

This novel is an exciting and action packed story that makes the characters come to life! There is even a surprise ending! Don’t let the number of pages stop you from “diving in”!

GIVEAWAY:  You have the opportunity to win a copy of Torn Blood whether you live in the USA or CANADA. Begins November 4 & ENDS November 25 @ 12:01 a.m. ET.
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About Bo Iti Press
Bo Iti Press, is a newly founded niche publisher focusing on stories about the Jewish experience as well as the rights of Israel as a sovereign nation. It is a Christian publishing company owned by a Gentile believer who is passionate about Israel. The press is based in Jackson, WY.

About the Author
David J. Bain is a novelist focused on writing stories about the Jewish experience and founder of Bo Iti Press. His debut book, Torn Blood, releases in the fall of 2013. Before launching his publishing company, he collaborated on two screenplays made into movies and has been involved in the business world for more than 30 years where his company publishes technical manuals and he wrote the company’s occasional newsletter. David, and his wife, Doris, reside in Oregon.

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