Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Ivan Becomes a Hero" by Linda Rossetti Brocato, Illustrated by Donna Brooks

This book is a wonderful story of acceptance.  Throughout the story the main character “Ivan” wants to learn about the world outside his own backyard.  He learns that we are all different and sometime others are not kind and friendly or accepting of differences.  

He does learn that God created us for His purpose and we need to praise Him for how he did make us.  Brooks’ illustrations are fabulous as they depict the emotions that are experienced by Ivan.

This would be a good story to read aloud to younger children when teaching that each one of us is different and we need to celebrate our differences and use them as a positive instead of a negative.  This story is heartwarming and Ivan is a character that many children can relate to the feelings he experiences. (reviewed by C.Delorge)

DISCLOSURE: Ivan Becomes a Hero  Published by Brocato Publishing.

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