Friday, December 23, 2011

God's Wisdom for Little Boys illustrated by Judy Luenebrink

Meet Judy Luenebrink and her art as pictured in "God's Wisdom for Little Boys" written by Jim & Elizabeth George and illustrated by Judy Luenebrink: (Judy describes her Art this way:)
"Uplifting watercolors that would bless others with the beauty and charm depicted in God's creation. Creating in my paintings and through my artwork a place people can walk into and feel the pleasure and peace of God's creation."
Illustrations/paintings are detailed, sweet and whimsical. They create a fun and inviting place for children to enter . . . to step into . . . and stay awhile.
Her paintings come from her heart, a heart filled with a love for God, His creation, and memories of both childhood and mothering .
While excelling with her art, Judy always remains aware that any talent, skill or ability has been given to her by the Lord and is to be used for His purposes and glory.  (copied from
I have already reviewed "God's Wisdom for Little Boys" in a previous post here on ChatWith Vera.  However, my husband has read and perused this gem of a book and shared some insight into the clever and wonderful follow-through and connectivity of illustrator  Judy Luenebrink and authors Jim & Elizabeth George.

For example:  The little boy's face is never fully seen; and you can thereby picture "your little boy" picturing himself as the one in the book.  Also, his constant companions - his faithful dog and lingering frog - are involved in each and every enterprise this delightful little boy approaches and enacts. 

Of particular note is the page illustrating Proverbs 17:17 (see picture to right).  "A friend loves you all the time..."  The picture shows two little boys seated on the edge of a porch watching it rain.  They have their ball, bat, and gloves and are wearing their team jerseys and caps.  But what is so innovative and intriguing is that one little boy's numbered jersey is a "1" and the other's is a "7."  They are sitting close to one another and together their shirts read, "17."  You see, they are friendly and they are living out Proverbs 17:17. Also, the dog has a kerchief around his neck and he is numbered "17" as well.  It is raining, but there is the hope of the rainbow that they can see in the upper corner of the sky.

The art is absolutely beautiful - touchingly beautiful.  A mother's, father's, grandparent's heart would melt viewing these illustrations that so truly depict the nuances of a little boy.

Need-less-to-say, I recommend this book and will be purchasing more works by The George's and by artist Judy Luenebrink.

I was provided this book for review purposes by Harvest House Publishers and was not required to render a positive review.  All comments are entirely my own.

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  1. Awesome thoughts! It's good to see other religious people out there.


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