Monday, December 20, 2010

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

My daughter who is fighting breast cancer recently sent this email message to me.  It puts into proper perspective good news and joy.
Recently I had my students do a vocabulary assignment using winter words that are familiar to us but foreign them.  (Remember I teach special ed.)  They were surprised that tidings simply meant "good news."  This morning I was mulling over what we consider good news (negative results on Dad's bone marrow test, a new job, being cancer-free, graduation) and how that compares to the good news brought by the angels.  My thoughts were that while it would be awesome to hear that I am cancer-free, that pales in comparison to the news that I have a home in Heaven should cancer decide to take over.  Definitely tidings of comfort and joy!  Merry Christmas! 
Doesn't that perspective bring tears of joy to your heart?  So when you sing about "Tidings of comfort and joy" remember the source of true joy in you own life.  Focus on the certainty of having a home in Heaven in relation to the sorrows you face here on Earth.

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