Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Come sit a spell with me

Chat With Vera is really just a "bloggy" means of sitting down with this Southern Lady and chatting about whatever strikes our/my fancy. I'm a lady. I'm Southern. I love family and friends. I love America. I love bargains. I love coupons. I love learning about new things, ideas, products, and ways to do things. I'm a seasoned senior southern sweetie that invites you to grab a cup of tea or a cup of java and sit a spell.

How about becoming a "follower" (see the side bar) or grab a "feed." I'd love to have your comments back to me about any of the things you see on here. Just click "comment" and leave your comment for me. I'll get an alert to check the comment. As long as you don't leave a comment that I feel is inappropriate, I'll leave it for any and all to see. You don't have to agree with me, either. Though I do, like most ladies, like a little praise.

Be my frequent "flyer" follower and join me. See ya soon!

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