Monday, November 2, 2009

The "eyes" have it . . .

For various reasons and ailments, people use eye drops. Some to simply get the red out when they have indulged in life a bit too much. However, professionals usually encourage you to NOT use drops created to "get out the red." I don't know their rationale or what ingredient/s are involved that made this a poor choice when considering treating your eye conditions. I do, however, choose to listen to the eye professionals to whom I have entrusted my wonderful gift of "sight."

All that being said, I have narrow-angle glaucoma. That is I have narrow angles in my eyes that could at some time pose a problem and therefore result in blindness. In order to avoid this terrible calamity (and believe me, I realize it would be terrible), two doctors of ophthalmology have recommended a certain laser eye procedure – PI (a form of in-office eye surgery) – to avoid the possibility of narrow-angle closure which would be abrupt and very painful. The procedure has been done, successfully, in my left eye and, unsuccessfully, in the right eye. The right eye will be repeated soon. In the meantime, another situation has arisen that is being treated with warm compresses to the eye, eye-scrubs, and Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops. This is a four-times a day procedure that assists in keeping at bay the gritty feeling in the eyes.

So now the eyes have it. But all is not lost. I needed a new bottle of Systane Ultra drops and so I "dropped" in at the local CVS Pharmacy and picked up a bottle. I had a $1 off coupon from the "sample" the doctor gave me. But what a joyful surprise to discover that the drops are on sale this week! Instead of $10.99 for a tiny bottle they are $7.99. Pricey. Now I thought I'd drop back by CVS before the sale goes off and grab another bottle. But prior to that I went online and found a $2 coupon at the Systane website. You simply register and are able to print twice in 60 days. That will help pay for this pricey water that I'm dropping drop by drop into my eyes.

So I encourage any of you Systane users to investigate the website, get your coupon, get to the sale before it runs out Nov. 7th and save a little green.

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