Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little things that help you save....

  • Laundry your clothes in COLD water. Most of the time cold water and liquid soap will clean the clothes fine. You save on heating the water.
  • Hang clothes to dry. You can do this inside on coat hangers from the shower rod for small wearables. Use a dryer rack for undies and such. Line dry sheets, etc. outside. Drying clothes inside the house during the winter will generate moisture in the air which makes a lower-set heat more comfortable and also is better for your breathing.
  • Use fans to circulate air during the hot weather. You can tolerate a higher set thermostat for your air conditioning if the air is moving. Floor fans, and ceiling fans work for this.
  • Avoid eating much sugar during hot weather. Your body converts the sugar into fuel which your body goes into gear to burn. So you start getting warmer.
  • During the winter, cook moisture generating soups, etc. to heat the house. Bake to heat the house.
  • During the summer, cook large batches that need long cooking. Rewarm these meals quickly in microwave. The pre-cooked meals are convenient and one-cooking time uses the heat for several meals. During hot weather, the one-cooking time heats up only once saving on your AC and also saving on the fuel to cook. Microwaves are great for no-heat cooking.
  • Cook up a batch of boiled chicken. Make chicken salad. Freeze meal portions of cooked chicken for other uses - salads, tacos, casseroles, quick-stir frys.
  • Remember, to eat cold meals on hot days.
  • Eat hot meals on cold days.
(And do forgive me if I have already shared this information with you. Someone elsewhere was interested, so I decided that you folks that like to Chat With Vera might, too.)

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