Saturday, August 8, 2009

Among Dark Hearts

My son-in-law is pastor of a church in West Virginia. He has a blog (see a blog post herein of an earlier date). The following is a recent post of his that I find exceptionally worthy to pass along to you, my readers.

Among Dark Hearts

You have got to check out this short excerpt of a piece of writing from Bernard of Clairvaux. He wrote it somewhere around the year 1125. It is amazing how clearly and relevantly it comes across after 900 years. Check it out!

"Churches are full of people who are fairly miserable because they are still bound to earth, and not free in spirit to soar with the joys of heaven. And as for good character and godly living - it seems that the quality of Christian character goes down as our numbers increase.

For now, it must be so. You and I must live among others who fill up the church and whose hearts are truly dark. Run from any 'Christian' who lives to please his flesh, as if you were fleeing from the worst danger. For fire is prepared for all those who lead little ones astray. Do not let your profession of faith - 'I am following Christ' - turn out to be a mockery.....

Do not be led out of your place in Christ, I tell you. Instead, remain true to God and you will know the true working of grace, which gives strength within."
I am not in agreement with most of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, of which Bernard of Clairvaux was a monk, I find this statement of his to be so true today as it was during the time in which he lived.

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