Monday, September 1, 2008

For someone downcast

What you need to do (at least to some extent) is recognize that people are people and they are going to many times disappoint you. God and His Son, Jesus Christ, will NEVER disappoint you. So when you find yourself in a situation where a person avoids you, leaves you, disapoints you, leaves you "holding the bag," REMEMBER

Jesus is there for you.

  • He will never
    ---avoid you
    ---leave you
    ---disappoint you
    ---leave you "holding the bag
  • He will always supply
    ---Your need for company
    ---Your need to companionship
    ---Your need for approval and for correction
    ---Your supplier of all comforts (note: not material desires, but comforts)

Simply place your trust in Him to save you, comfort you,
provide for you, assure you.

Christ is all I need,
Christ is all I need,
All, all I need,
Christ is all I need,
Christ is all I need,
All, all I need.
He was crucified,
For me He died, on Calvary.
That He loved me so,
This is why I know,
Christ is all I need.
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  1. Hi Grannie! Your blog is a real encouragement and very well done!
    Many blessings, your old friend Bo.

  2. Thank you, Bo, for your kind words. Encouragement is just what I want it to be. A simple place to park for a moment and be a bit encouraged.


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